The kitchen is a central hub of the home, bringing people together to connect and relax.

Kitchens represent our lives and reflect the way we want to live, we create timeless designs that are unique to every client. The cooking and eating experience is part of the enjoyment, something everyone can share.

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Defining your space with flexible, creative, practical compositions

Our living room furniture systems include; storage units, sideboards, tv panels shelving and accessories. Combining these elements can develop the interpretation and unique character of each interior.

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Imagine entering your luxurious, calm and relaxing bedroom, after a long hard day.

Achieving this ambience requires practical storage management using sophisticated wardrobe arrangements giving a refined aesthetic appeal. Customising internals to suit your needs, will ensure everything is well organised, to produce one cohesive space and create the ultimate hideaway to escape, relax and sleep.

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Bespoke designs for bespoke developments

Our extensive range of products and finishes ensures that we have the freedom to design, so we can transform any space. We are also able to facilitate varied budgets according to each individual project.

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5 Tips and Tricks for a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Consistent colour pallet Keeping to a select pallet with a maximum of three key colours will bring the scheme together and not over-complicate things. Doing this will create a feeling of harmony and consistency.

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The Rational Behind Rational.

Having worked alongside Rational for more than 30 years, we have experienced the journey with them over time. Through many different kitchen trends, they have stayed true to their philosophy, entrepreneurship and gearing towards the future. They strive to develop not only economically, but also ecologically and taking into consideration human perspective.

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Chatting to the Warburtons about their new kitchen.

After designing and installing their new kitchen we asked them how they are settling in to their new space. What made you decide to come to Space Fitting Furniture for your kitchen? Sam: “It was through Instagram, we’ve been following for a while and loved the kitchens you’ve got on there. We knew when it came around to doing our own kitchen we wanted to come to space fitting. A few of our friends have had kitchens from you and I really liked what I saw.”

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Ultimately, good extraction will remove grease and odours from the air. If the grease is not removed it will settle on every surface, making it much harder to clean. By removing the grease, it will eliminate the dust and dirt from clinging to kitchen surfaces.

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Versatile and efficient storage management, along with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, will bring peace and harmony to your bedroom. Sophisticated wardrobe arrangements featuring customised internals to suit your needs, will ensure everything is well organised.

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Some of the brands we work with