Imagine entering your luxurious, calm and relaxing bedroom, after a long hard day.


To achieve this ambience in your bedroom, you need practical, functional storage solutions together with soft textures, a balance of colours and a touch of elegance.

Versatile and efficient storage management, along with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, will bring peace and harmony to your bedroom. Sophisticated wardrobe arrangements featuring customised internals to suit your needs, will ensure everything is well organised. Thinking about what best compliments your specific requirements is crucial, whether you need hanging or folding, shoe storage or even accessory trays to keep jewellery, belts and ties neat, tidy and out of sight. Whatever your spacial requirements, there are plenty of choices to suit, including sliding, hinged, curved or bifold doors, with complimentary handles to give that refined aesthetic.


Lighting is a fundamental consideration in order to get the balance right between functionality and tranquillity. Soft lighting to calm and relax will help you unwind and make the space feel cosy. In contrast, brighter, practical lighting above key areas, such as, wardrobes and dressing area is also important. An abundance of lighting options are available for the bedside, including funky wall lights (Innermost Yoy light), contemporary pendants (Tom Dixon mini void light) and quirky table lamps (Innermost Jeeves table light).

Textures and Tones

Neutral tones, with white walls and soft textures will help to create a stress- free, homely environment. For a dramatic boutique- hotel feel, a composition of darker colours creates depth and will enrich the bedroom’s atmosphere. Tactile, rich materials along with pillows and throws will give extra warmth and sumptuous luxury. Try not to over clutter the space, as it is still important to keep clean lines and minimalistic approach, creating comfortable surroundings.

Whilst a minimal and fresh scheme keeps it serene, incorporating feature elements can add glamour. Whether this is a statement mirror, unique lighting or a piece of art, it will showcase your own personality and distinctive look.

Tying these elements together in one cohesive space should create the ultimate hideaway to escape and unwind.