Cooking appliances for a healthy lifestyle

There are a variety of appliance options that may help you achieve a healthy cooking lifestyle and propel your culinary expertise to the next level.

Steam cooking

Although the concept of steam cooking isn’t a new one, there have been advances in technology which has meant that it has become so much easier. This form of cooking is fresh, vibrant and nutritious. Retaining the moisture leads to tastier food, preserving the colour and flavour for longer. Cooking durations for steam and boiling are similar. Steam cooking is also extremely versatile, from pasta, eggs, soups, meat, fish and even risottos.

Not only is a steam oven great for cooking, there are a variety of functions and additional uses, blanching fruit and veg, re-heating food without impairing its flavour, sterilising bottles and jars, defrosting, melting chocolate and proving dough. Whether cooking for one or an entire family, the cooking process takes the same amount of time, therefore you do not need to change your cooking habits, for example, you can hard boil 1 egg or 30 without needing to amend the time. After cooking in the appliance, you will love just how easy it is to clean. The appliance will go through a rinse cycle and all you will need to do afterwards is simply wipe it dry.


Sous vide

If you have always dreamt of competing with the likes of the MasterChef contestants, you can step up your culinary skills using this technique.  The purpose of sous vide cooking is that food can be cooked gently, in special vacuum sealed bags, to a precisely low and controlled temperature. You will not have to worry about food being chewy or dry, ensuring the result is tender and consistent. Little or no fat is needed throughout the process, which compliments a healthy lifestyle. Another benefit of cooking like this is that the taste is pure, because there are no outside influences, the food is contained inside a vacuum sealed bag, and cooked using its own juices or marinade, intensifying the flavours.

Steam combination cooking

This appliance, gives you the best of both worlds, using each function separately or having the choice to combine the cooking methods. Roast chicken is a perfect example of what can work well in this appliance, using both cooking techniques together creates the ultimate dish. The steam keeps the chicken moist and flavourful while the heat from the oven will crisp up the outside.

Premium appliance brands usually have a range of pre-programmed functions which means it is even easier to use, simply select the programme and follow the instructions on the screen.

Warming/Sous Chef drawers

It is a myth that warming drawers are only good for keeping your plates warm. Most warming drawers, especially the deep versions, are ideal for slow cooking, proving dough or even making vegetable crisps.

Most warming drawers can reach a temperature of 85°C, this means you can use it like a conventional slow cooker. You can achieve great dishes, even with cheaper cuts of meat, the longer you cook it, the softer the meat becomes. Slow cooking is also stress-free, especially when entertaining, you do not need to constantly monitor, stir and check up on the food. If slow cooking meat, you may wish to sear it first before adding any vegetables, sauce and seasoning, then placing it into a suitable container for the required time.

Here’s one of our favourite Miele recipes you can try at home


Fillet of beef with paprika rub


2tbsp vegetable oil

2 Cloves garlic, peeled and crushed

Generous pinch sea salt flakes

1tsp smoked paprika

1tsp ground black pepper

1 beef fillet joint (approx. 850g-1kg)



Pre heat the sous-chef food warming drawer on food setting 2 (approx. 70-75°C) for 15mins

Mix together the vegetable oil, crushed garlic, sea salt, paprika and black pepper. Rub this mix all over the meat. In a hot frying pan sear all sides of the beef joint until brown and caramelised

Wrap the meat in foil, place on a shallow baking tray and place in the warming drawer for 2 ½ to 3 hours

Slice and serve when required