The latest kitchen trends straight from Germany


It is a very exciting time of year, getting on a plane and heading to Germany to see the latest kitchen trends.

This year, it seemed the kitchen industry had been shaken up with stylish new features, hints of 60’s chic and contemporary colours and finishes. Walking into the Rational factory showroom, there were several displays with a real WOW factor!

The first concept was striking matt black, framed in red, as a surrounding feature element. This exciting new design allows colour to be introduced into the kitchen space without overwhelming the scheme. The red could be swapped out for any colour, whether that be something more subtle or an alternative bold colour choice. The door material, ‘Fenix’ was also used as the worktop surface, this intelligent nano- material is anti-fingerprint, soft touch and highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, and dry heat. This kitchen surface, paired with matching black tap, appliances and accessories is truly impressive, yet adaptable to any interior scheme.

The second style was a modern take on the shaker kitchen, combining black anthracite soft lacquer doors, with, marble effect worktop and oak effect breakfast bar. The clever bi-folding glass doors offered a different aesthetic to the norm, whilst providing a practical solution, helping you access everything within the unit easily. This display, also included an open composition in the matching oak effect finish, housing a sink, open shelving and drawers. This configuration would be perfect for a matching bar or coffee area, in-keeping with the rest of the design.

One of our favourite displays was a simple combination of two finishes, anthracite marble and porcelain white soft lacquer. The two finishes worked harmoniously alongside each other, with the marble pattern adding interest to the scheme, whilst the contrasting white keeping it contemporary and clean. This modular arrangement was simple yet maximised storage and worktop space. Clever design elements such as, housing the ovens as a stand-alone element, the subtle full-length curved handle and the matching back panelling, pulled the scheme together into a striking flawless kitchen space

It seemed like the 60’s styling was making a come-back with two of the exhibits showcasing a modern take on this form. Both were vastly different, one displaying soft curves, coral and walnut colour pallet, whilst the other a monochrome theme, textured fluted glass fronts and patterned tiles. Both are unique yet managed to elevate the 60’s aesthetic into a contemporary, current, sleek design.

Internal drawer organisation had seen some practical improvements, together with the wide drawers, the ability to organise utensils, cutlery and other miscellaneous items couldn’t be easier. With a broad selection of finishes and styles, they can be paired with any kitchen design to provide maximum convenience.

Overall, the concepts were forward thinking and fresh, with hints of iconic design mixed with original, impressive ideas.