Kitchen Design Inspiration

Now the new year is upon us and Christmas has been and gone for another year, you may have started to think about those home improvements you’ve been putting off. Whether that be a kitchen re-design, sprucing up your interiors or re-configuring the bedroom.

If you need a little bit of inspiration to kick start your journey, look no further. We have compiled some ideas for you.

Dynamic industrial schemes are still trending with concrete effect finishes, rusty tones and clean lines being prominent. Pairing these with matt black accessories and handles creates a modern twist on the popular theme without being excessive. Balance is key here and introducing a block colour to tone down the look can work well.

Striking worktops are another way to add a real feature to any kitchen space. Bold patterns like marble or stunning granites like Orinoco will elevate the scheme and add a real focal point. In combination with muted tones on the kitchen units, flooring and walls it will create a harmonious contrast. Adding a wooden texture can add warmth and interest, tying in with the natural stone.

Another way to define spaces is by introducing different levels. This works well for a breakfast bar or seating section, building up the worktop to breakfast bar height or dropping it down to table level. It can also be a handy way to add storage without it dominating the area, extending storage at a lower height into a dining room or living area. It will break up your eye line and give more functional options for the design.

Using a mixture of open and closed units is a perfect way to increase storage in a space without it looking heavy or imposing too much on the scheme. Including open shelves or boxes allows you to display decorative items and break up the composition. Adding a splash of colour or bold finish to this element can really lift a design and attract attention to a specific area. Displaying personal items will add character and personality to your new design making it really feel like your own.


Internal storage organisation is something to think about and can make your life so much easier when it comes to storing and finding all those kitchen items. Whether that’s a pantry or larder style unit or adding clever storage within the drawers. Pantry units are perfect for things like cereals, tins and jars, whilst also being easy to reach. Sometimes adding storage on the back of the door can maximise the space within the unit, creating an accessible option for things like herbs and spices.