A relaxed ambience

Changing part of the spatial plan downstairs, meant we could change the function of a second living room that was rarely used.

This client now has a cloakroom, downstairs toilet and a pantry/utility room. We carried through the asthetic of the kitchen by using the same tiles. Its something simple but atmospheric. We added a window to allow the natural light from the sunroof to come through. It's unique and quirky which was the perfect fot for these customers.

Creating maximum space

See the last image for a before!

A complete redesign of an en suite bathroom

We are so pleased with the outcome of this design and the clients were over the moon.

Very dated room that needed a modern touch. We reworked this room, removing the solid wall that blocked off the tiny ensuite and small wardrobe area, meant we could go back to basics and work from there. Instead of a flat solid wall, we placed wardrobes across the room which left the perfect space for an ensuite behind. This increased their bathroom size dramatically, with the addition of it becoming a wet room, which was the main focus. They wanted storage with in the ensuite, which was a task to make the space work. We used a recess in the shower, a large, deep double drawer under the sinks and we designed the mirror to be recessed which created a lovely shelf under the mirror.

We used a dark textured tile from Mandarin stone, with matt and gloss finishes on all walls, which makes an incredible sheen when water hits it. We created a half wall between the toilet and sink for a sense of privacy and added a recessed TV as a special feature. The bathroom is open into the bedroom, so placing the sinks opposite this space meant we could place a mirror on the wall, this helped create a sense of depth within the room. As a final feature which brought the overall aesthetic together, we used beautiful bronze basins which were finished with black and an Atlantic grey interior. This paired with Matt black fittings throughout completed the bathroom nicely with a harmonious touch.

Hidden ensuite

Cleverly designed to not intrude into the original space and keep the flow of the room

This project required a lot of thought on the spatial design of the room. The client wanted to add an en suite, but didnt want to have an awkward 'L' shape in the corner of the room. We were also supplying the bedroom furniture so we decided to combine the two in an innotive way. By using curved matching wardrobe doors, it didn't intrude on the space too much and created a sense of flow along the wall with no 90 degree angles. This also meant the en suite was then hidden within the bank of wardrobes. The client had an orginal stain glass window in the space, so we used this as a feature. Using a light marble tile on the wall and floors, meant the colours could reflect perfectly on the wall and flood the room with beautiful colours.

Luxurious Slate Bathroom Design

A split toilet and shower room made into a perfect family bathroom

An separate toilet and bathroom is a common problem we find in houses today. The way in which we live has changed over the years and we have many clients come to us to make a space more functional for them. This project required us to design a luxurious, modern bathroom, but without the luxurious price tag, which you could wined down and relax in after a long day. We included a curved freestanding bath below the small circular window, and added a matching sized mirror to mimic the window. To create a luxurious and modern feel, we opted for slate tiles on the floor, shower area and boxing in, and paired this with matt black fixings and a slate look shower tray, to tie the whole room together.

Master Ensuite

Luxurious en suite with a 'His and Hers' area

Within this whole house project, the master ensuite was designed to be a light and luxurious place, had a his and hers sink area, a large shower, freestanding bath and a dressing area. Designing a raised bath area with a beautiful freestanding bath and bath tap created an elegant space to relax in. This also meant that the client could also have carpet around the dressing table, which also created more of a feature for the bath below the window being tiled with a marble finish.