Mr and Mrs R 2

Open plan family space with large welcoming kitchen, incorporating earthy tones, providing ample space and storage for family living.

When these clients first visited the studio, they were in the process of a total renovation of their home. They required a statement open plan kitchen to accommodate their busy lives and large family.

The overall scheme incorporated a mixture of industrial and earthy colours; the finishes and materials were chosen because of the robust and resilient features that suited extensive family use.

The clients focus on symmetry and alignment, meant that each join and draw line was precise and meticulous. Your eye is naturally drawn around the kitchen, as the linear profiles continue seamlessly encircling the space. The alignment continued with both roof lantern and island, centrally positioned, harmonising the balance in the environment.

The island was designed to include seating for 6 so the family could use it for informal meal times.

The whole living, dining and kitchen was designed so the entire space flowed from one zone to the other.

This project also included matching designs for the utility room, bar, living areas and study, to provide continuity throughout the home.