Mr and Mrs P 2

A unique scheme using curved wardrobes, to create a statement feature within the bedroom

Having a large area is beneficial for a bedroom, however it can feel overwhelming, without the right design. This vast area needed maximum storage and zoning, to ensure it reached its full potential. The clients love of design was important to consider too, as they wanted something different and stylish.

The striking design spans along the width of the room, protruding into the space. The curved section offers a subtle division, ensuring there is a sleep zone as well as a relaxation/reading area. This was also imperative as the clients had a baby and the ability to separate the cot from the rest of the room meant that they could still use certain areas, whilst the baby was sleeping. - The wardrobes sit just beneath the apex window, allowing maximum light in, with white having been chosen to amplify this further. - A ‘his and her’ division was created either side of the curve, for easier access to specific items within the wardrobes - A dressing table was incorporated into the design, with the mulberry accent colour being used to elevate the scheme. - An additional run of wardrobes, designed next to the ensuite provided the client with supplementary storage for extra items e.g. towels and bedding, keeping the clean, contemporary appeal.

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