Porthcawl bedroom

An entire bedroom scheme, incorporating wardrobes, bed, storage units and open shelving. A mixture of grey tones and plenty of storage transformed this space into a tranquil and clutter-free bedroom.

The original scheme was miss matched and lacked the storage required. The flow through the room needed improving and the client required a cohesive scheme that coordinated with the rest of the house.

The scheme was designed to incorporate as much storage as possible without encroaching on the feeling of space. A mixture o full height wardrobes and drawers were placed along one wall with feature open storage above. A large mirror was placed opposite the far set of wardrobes, this maximised the feeling of space and light.

The Novamobili bed offered additional storage with the pull up mattress mechanism. The matching headboard and side tables coordinated with the rest of the colour scheme. Solid Silestone tops ensured durability and longevity.