Ultimate Walk-In Wardrobe

The ultimate walk in wardrobe combining different storage methods for optimum organization

A variety of different clothes needed to be stored in different ways e.g. hanging, folding, shoe storage etc. The room was approximately 3meteres square and a sophisticated aesthetic was required to complement the rest of the space.

The opening to the walk-in wardrobe was concealed to create a sleek look. A run of wardrobes was placed in front of the opening, with a bifold door in the centre, giving access to the walk-in area. - Inside, a mixture of dark wood and white was used, to give a luxurious feel along with storage options including; hidden shoe storage behind a full-length mirror, drawer space, shelving and hanging rails, with a pull-down system for those hard-to-reach items. - Additionally, pull-out trouser racks and accessory trays were incorporated for ease of access.